Malnutrition Project Details 

PROJECT LOCATION •Bhopoli Region •Palghar District • Maharashtra State • India

This program is in the Vikramgad talukas of the Palghar District which is north of Mumbai in the state of Maharashtra. In this area, 75% of the population is tribal (indigenous Adivasi) with a literacy rate of 37%. Many villages have no educational facilities within five to ten kilometers. Infant mortality rates are high, 84% of the villages do not have access to heath care within 5kms – 10km, only 12% of households have toilets, 65% of the working population is unemployed, which only exacerbates poverty levels. 

Entire families, or working members, migrate between November and May to meet basic livelihood needs. This results in hardships for the old, the sick, and the children who are not only left behind, but are deprived of a basic education. The migrant separated from his family works in bad conditions, is exploited, becomes ill, and later, brings illnesses into the tribal community.

 About 35% of the children in this region are malnourished.
Why is it important to address Malnutrition in a community ?
  • Malnutrition stunts a child’s growth, impacting physical and intellectual growth forever
  • Malnutrition and Anemia are a Multifactorial problem operating differently at different age groups
  • The State of Malnutrition and Anemia has a longstanding impact on the health of the Female & children
  • Children are the future of any community, their health impacts the progress of their community
  • Unless we work simultaneously on all the age groups, Malnutrition and Anemia cannot be Eradicated
Our Strategy to Cure Malnutrition  –
  • Total Population 41,000 of 25 villages, 152 Padas( Hamlets) & 72 Anganwadi centres.
  • Screened 4,300 children in age group of 1 to 5th years. 525 children had moderate grade of malnutrition.
  • Primary screening completed for case definition & start Homoeopathic treatment and supplements
  • Regularly monthly physical check up with monitoring of Wt, Ht, MAC, CC & Hc
  • Weekly follow up by Community Health Worker, Monthly follow up Medical Practitioner for dialogue with parents
 1,000 days of Care of Mother and 1,000 days of Care Of Child 
  • 1,300 pregnant or lactating mothers in the program
  • 3,600 children monitored from birth for growth and development
  • 850 were treated with Homeopathic treatments and supplements
  • 1,000 adolescent girls screened for anemia, 350 needed treatment
  • Program in 25 villages, 
How we prevent Malnutrition
  • Screen and treat anemia in adolescent girls 
  • Curative: Anemic girls treated with iron supplements, vitamins and homoeopathic medicines
  • Outreach & Education: Audio Visual media, Printed Literature, Practical Demonstration on Diet
Preventing Anemia in Mothers of tomorrow, prevents low birth weight babies and malnutrition at birth


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