About Us

MLD COMMUNITY CARE  – USA Board of Directors


Hemakshi Adke

Board CHair

I am delighted to be a part of the MLD Community Care team supporting holistic health in rural India.  I live in Portland, Oregon and I am a Healthcare Quality Improvement Professional.  In my spare time I love, hiking,  gardening and fostering cats.

Hareesh Dhawale


I am delighted to serve as a board member of the MLD Community Care team in expanding healthcare services to rural communities in India. I live in Arlington, Virginia and worked as a tax advisor helping multinational companies comply with tax rules governing pricing of their intercompany transactions. I love to hike and jog in my spare time. 

Nivedita Ohja


​I am a Product Executive in Silicon Valley,  driving innovation across many products. I wish to continue to add value to the health system in India. I ​grew up in India and understand  the healthcare needs of rural communities in India .​ ​Being a part ​MLD Community Care​ is very important to me​.​ In my spare time I go for long distance bicycle​ rides​ and swim.



I am a medical doctor and a scientist with expertise in kidney diseases and doctor patient communication. I was raised in rural parts of Maharashtra in India which enhanced my understanding of acute medical and other needs that rural communities face.  I am honored to serve as a board member of the MLD Community Care team to help attain holistic health in rural India.