Our Team

We have a very dedicated team of staff, doctors, volunteers, donors and sponsors who day after day and year after year, are helping people in need.

The community and our patients inspire us and the work that we do is extremely rewarding.

Special Gratitude to everyone who joins hands with us to make this work possible – 
  • Donors, Supporters, Sponsors, Well-Wishers from all over the world
  • Partners and collaborators who bring much needed skills and expertise
  • In India – MLDT Staff,  Doctors, Volunteers, Leaders, Advisors, Trustees, who work tirelessly for our cause
  • In the USA – MLDCC Volunteers who are so committed to our mission



Phalghar hospital team providing care during COVID 







Bhopoli Center Team 




MLD Community Care Board of Directors in the USA


Hemakshi Adke

Board CHair

I am delighted to be a part of the MLD Community Care team supporting holistic health in rural India.  I live in Portland, Oregon and I am a Healthcare Quality Improvement Professional.  I have witnessed first hand the hardship faced by rural communities in India and I am proud of the positive impact that MLDCC is having on these communities.  In my spare time I love, hiking,  gardening and fostering cats.

Hareesh Dhawale


I am delighted to serve as a board member of the MLD Community Care team in expanding healthcare services to rural communities in India. I live in Arlington, Virginia and worked as a tax advisor helping multinational companies comply with tax rules governing pricing of their intercompany transactions. I love to hike and jog in my spare time. 

Nivedita Ohja


​I am a Product Executive in Silicon Valley,  driving innovation across many products. I wish to continue to add value to the health system in India. I ​grew up in India and understand  the healthcare needs of rural communities in India .​ ​Being a part ​MLD Community Care​ is very important to me​.​ In my spare time I go for long distance bicycle​ rides​ and swim.



I am a medical doctor and a scientist with expertise in kidney diseases and doctor patient communication. I was raised in rural parts of Maharashtra in India which enhanced my understanding of acute medical and other needs that rural communities face.  I am honored to serve as a board member of the MLD Community Care team to help attain holistic health in rural India.