Our Mission is….

“To support holistic care through health and livelihood programs serving poor and distressed communities in rural India.”


Since 1987, Dr. M.L. Dhawale Memorial Trust (MLDT) has provided healthcare services and holistic community development to the poor and marginalized. 

In 2022, the dedicated MLDT team provided care to over 200,000 patients through 6 centers, 3 hospitals, 14 urban clinics, 12 rural clinics, and 2 mobile medical clinics.  Yes, we have many heartwarming, inspirational stories to share with you.


MLD Community Care was founded in the USA in December  2020,  as a non-profit charitable 501(C)(3)  organization to support the activities of MLD Trust  (MLDTrust.org)  in India.  

More info about ML Dhawale Memorial Trust activities please click here MLDTrust.org

Questions? Reach us at  – 503.583.2576

We invite you to learn about the difference MLD Trust is making on the local community and hear the heartwarming stories  from local patients and community members.

Respectfully Yours,

MLD Community Care Board Directors