Year 2024 Case Studies
Pranali Lahange, age 27, Chichghar Village  

Pranali, has had a sad history of her first pregnancy, where she had a miscarriage in the 5th month. She had not registered for ANC then.

During her second pregnancy, she did register in the first month itself. She was found sick cell positive and was prescribed medicines accordingly. Sadly, she did not consume any of the medicines and instead consulted a local quack. With her hemoglobin still at 7 grams, she delivered a baby boy of barely 2.5 pounds. The poor child passed away at the age of five months.

During her third pregnancy, our CHW counselled her well and pleaded with her and her family to follow all Antenatal Care process. During the nine months, she visited the mobile van regularly, was given medication for sickle cell and was provided with iron, folic acid and protient powder. She was administerd Victo Fall injections for her low hemoglobin. It slowly rose to 10 gms. She delivered a healthy baby of 5.7 pounds. She is now a proud and happy mother of a healthy well-nourished child.