Educational  Enrichment

A nation progresses only if all of its citizens are well-educated. While the Indian Government attempts to deliver an effective education program, there are many implementation challenges. 

Project Location  – Bhopoli Region •Palghar District • Maharashtra State • India
Executive Summary of Problem and Intervention: Quality of education  in all schools is very poor resulting in high drop out or failure. Lack of soft skills result in zero confidence even in those who pass out of the schools.

Our Strategy   –

– Extra coaching for difficult subjects like Maths, Science, English
– Computer literacy with emphasis on self-learning
– Mobile Library to inculcate reading habit
– Program to reduce the COVID academic gap

Annual Project Cost: $41,000
Number of Beneficiaries4,500 students across 12 schools
2023-2024 Budget Needs for Program:  $16,000 raised, $25,000 needed

Within the tribal community that we work in, our surveys of local government schools show that there is a:

-High drop out rate of children, especially in secondary school
-Low passing rate of 10th class students – failure in Math and English being the prime causes
-Low proportion of students pursuing higher education
-Low demonstrable linkages between education and livelihood
-Lack of awareness of changing trends in Maths, Science, Computers etc.
-Use of rote memorization and only textbook learning
-Students have no technology competency due no access to computers or tablets


To mitigate these issues, we work with these local schools’ principals and teachers:

Bhopoli Ashram School
Kev Highschool
Kunrze Highschool
Jogani Highschool Bhopoli,
Shanti Ratan Vidyamandir Kondgaon
Maan Ashram School
Vikramgad Ashram School
Uparale Highschool
Vatsalya Ashram School
Talwade Ashram School
Dolhari Higschool
Karsud Bhoipada Highschool



Coaching for English, Maths and Science

Students struggle in English, Maths and Science, and these subjects are responsible for high dropout rates and fail rates. To help these struggling students, we have implemented a coaching program for 6th – 10th standard students. The program is in 10 schools and supports over 1,000 students. The impact of this program has been remarkable. In the last 12 years, the 10th standard passing rate went from 35% to 100%.

ITE (Integrated Approach to Technology in Education)

We have three different streams under this program (for different sets of schools):

  1. Basic Computer Training

A instructor based program, to teach the basics of computer operations and tools like Office, Paint, Email, Internet Search etc. This helps in eliminating the fear of using computers and familiarizes the students with the plethora of information available on the internet.

10 schools are enrolled in this program reaching out to over 600 students

2. Self Learning using Computers

Under this program, the emphasis is on self learning. School teachers are trained to create a lesson plan for self-learning from the school curriculum. Students have access to laptops and tablets and are encouraged to learn the lesson on their own by searching for information on the internet. The students present what they have learnt using Office tools.

This teaching strategy has the dual advantage of students learning on their own while getting comfortable with using technology.

10 schools are enrolled in this program reaching over 600 students

3. Tablet Based Education

This program is an off-shoot of the ITE project. Students are given access to tablets loaded with apps for learning Maths, English, Hindi and Science. Students are given the freedom to choose the subjects and topics as long as they cover all subjects over a 6 month period.

The tablets have made learning fun and interactive, allowing students to learn at their own pace.

9 schools are enrolled in this program reaching out to over 600 students

Mobile Library

To encourage students to read, a mobile library with over 1000 books, magazines etc visits several schools for an hour each. The driver cum librarian distributes the books and also conducts activities such as storytelling, reading comprehension, creativity competitions etc.

12 schools are enrolled in this program reaching over 1,000 students

Teacher Training and Coaching

We have engaged with Adhyan to provide teacher training and coaching