Bhopoli Community Center

Two young doctors in their early 20s, inspired by their Guru (teacher and mentor) Dr. M. L. Dhawale’s message  ‘Reach the Unreached’ started visiting villages in the underdeveloped areas of Palghar district in late 1990. They would travel from Mumbai in ricketty buses, back of vegetable trucks, shared rides or whatever mode of transport was available, spending 3 to 4 hours to reach there.


Inspired by their dedication, a local farmer donated his land under the promise of erecting a hospital meant for women.

Thus started the journey of Bhopoli Community Centre in 1996. With financial support from Share & Care Foundation (USA), a 10 bedded cottage hospital and clinic was set up. Slowly the young doctors gathered a team of nurses, social workers, drivers, housekeeping staff, all from local villages. 

Various milestones since then have been:

  • Spreading awareness of care during pregnancy and delivery at hospital 
    • Hospital deliveries increased from 10% to 95%
  • Started Antenatal care, investigations and supplements
    • Antenatal care increased from 0 to 100%
  • Started Community Development activities such as Education assistance to School children, Self Help Group of Women, Supporting local Art, Collective interaction with Government offices, Promoting Organic Farming, Vocational skills training, Helping in starting micro-enterprises, Water Conservation etc.
    • School result improved from 35% to 96% for more than 2000 students
    • Trained more than 2500 students students with basic computer skills 
    • Financially empowered more than 1000 women
    • Increased 8-fold financial earning potential for 100 farmers
    • Improved water table status and access to drinking and irrigation water
  • Integrated health programs for Adolescent girls (future mothers)
    • Brought more than 1000 girls out of anemia status      
  • Forward integration by starting Postnatal care
    • Gave proper breastfeeding training to over 10000 women
    • Trained them on child care, hygiene, nutrition needs etc.
  • Further integration for reducing malnutrition
    • Screened more than 5000 children for malnutrition
    • Treated more than 1000 children through individualized treatment plan
    • Caused improvement in more than 62% of children
    • Noticeably reduced occurrences of recurring infections among children

The center today is thriving with a staff of 29 and is an important health care facility as well as community development center for 25 villages with a population of happy 40,000 souls.




Services offered :

Out-patient clinics OPDs
Mobile Medical Clinic

Mother and Child Program
Community Health Volunteers (CHV)
24 X 7 ambulance services
Village health Camps
School Health Program s

Self Help Groups

Educational Enrichment


The Community Center at Bhopoli is a unique center, where the clinical services are integrated with the development activities for the community. Thus at this center, over & above the Outpatient department, Inpatient department, Casualty, we also have programs on school education, organic farming, self help groups and warli art for a ‘Holistic Community Development & Health Programs’.