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Healer of the poor

Around 1989, the first homeopathic clinic was started at Palghar Khanapada.

Written by Loksatta Team

September 17, 2021 00:02 IS

Healer of the poor  (Original Marathi news publication – pdf)


Healer of the poor (Translated in English – pdf)


The Fight Against Malnutrition

Dr. Sujata Goda started working in Palghar and nearby villages in 1990s and continues to date

Written by Loksatta Team

First Published August 10, 2026 and updated on October 8, 2016


The Fight Against Malnutrition (Translated in English.pdf)


The Fight Against Malnutrition (Original Marathi News Publication – pdf)

Dr. Dhawale Memorial Trust – Expansion Needs



Written by Loksatta Team

First Published September 17, 2021