Neonatal Unit at Palghar Hospital

Mother & Child care has been the thrust area for the Trust since beginning. Our hospital has been offering paediatric services since 2000.

The entire Palghar, Vikramgadh belt did not have NICU facility though it was an urgent need considering maternal malnutrition and lack of adequate antenatal care.

We inaugurated our NICU in June 2007. The NICU has 5 beds in addition to 5 beds for step down.The nearest Government run clinic or hospital for the 40,000 inhabitants we serve is about 3 to 10 miles away. With no public transport available, access to healthcare service is virtually non-existent.


Project Impact – We are able to serve neonates weighing as less as 800-900 gms. The facility is also equipped to provide tertiary care. Neonates of poor parents who are unable to afford life support for their newborn are supported through this project, giving a new lease of life to the babies. 



Annual Project Cost – Approx $ 20,000 

Number of Neonate Beneficiaries – 57 with $14,500 of subsidized care provided

2023-2024 Budget Needs for 70 babies – $21,500