Working Together To  END Malnutrition

Malnutrition stunts a child’s growth, impacting physical and intellectual growth forever.  If we work together, we can break this cycle so that these children  are healthy and reach their maximum potential.

The two major monsters for tribal communities in India are malnutrition and anemia. They debilitate the community and the effects are seen for generations to come.

Young, anemic, malnourished mothers give birth to low birth weight malnourished babies.  The babies  struggle medically for years, are vulnerable to infectious diseases and never reach their growth potential.

To address this problem, we have implemented an integrated strategy to treat and prevent malnutrition and anemia by focusing for 1,000 days on the mother and 1,000 days on the child.

Malnourished infants and young children are treated using homeopathic treatments and UNICEF guidelines for the first 1,000 days of life to give infants the best chance to recover from malnutrition.

Pregnant mothers and lactating mothers are provided supplements and critical education to ensure good health of the mother and the child.

To prevent malnutrition at birth we screen for and treat anemia in adolescent girls who are the mothers of tomorrow.

Our ultimate goal is a healthy pregnant woman who gives birth to a normal birth weight baby and a lactating mother who knows the value of good nutrition for her and her growing infant.

We hope you will join our team so that we can work together to END Malnutrition.

Thank you for your help and support to End Malnutrition.

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